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With over 23 years in the photography business and literally thousands of events covered from corporate events to weddings, I still rely on my photo lab to bring my vision to print. Protek is the lab I trust for all of my final prints and packages. Their quality, speed and reliability are unsurpassed. From high quality school, senior and family portrait packages to those eye popping digitally designed wedding and Bar Mitzvah album pages Protek keeps me competitive in an ever changing industry. My company went digital in December 2002 after having an all film workflow for almost twenty years. Protek was already leading the pack in digital services, so instead of changing labs JCMCC was able to shift workflow without having to start over. Protek is an indispensable and steadfast partner and will continue to keep JCMCC Inc.


Louis A. Raynor, Owner 
JCMCC Inc. Photographers 



We have all embraced digital technology, which calls for special skills in exposure and lighting in order to capture those meaningful images. Now they must be placed in the hands of a photo lab who can deliver the striking image quality you have captured. For the past eight years, I have left it to Protek Color Lab to reproduce those quality images. Protek has consistently given us a level of service we know we can trust. 

Protek offers an unrivalled range of services which allows you to get that “competitive edge”. Personal service is one of the hallmarks of Protek . If there is some special requirement or question, Henry Taroian, the President owner of Protek, is on the line to speak to you. He is very hands on and operates one of the best photo labs I have ever worked with.


Eric Brooks Photography



Since 1960 our business has gone thru many labs. Protek is a true blessing. For the last ten years Protek has been our lab of choice. Their color correction and overall quality is excellent specially with digital files. Being a wedding photographer, it’s a must to have images back quick, by Wednesday following the events we have color corrected proofs delivered to our studio. Now with their On-line ordering systems life is great. Magazine album templates, proofs, digital enlargements, custom digital prints, etc… 

If you are in the true business of photography, shoot the images and let Protek do the rest.


Roger Constance 
Constance Photo 
200+ events per year





If you are in the business of wedding and portrait photography then use a lab that is set up for that purpose. For 10 years Protek has been my choice lab for all my wedding and portrait work. They know color or whatever it is that makes my photographs look outstanding. They are not just an over glorified “Minilab”. Even their equipment is big and different and unusual, but their quality is awesome. Their customer service expects you to know what it is that you need, and since they are primarily a wholesale lab, they don’t like to do much handholding, but I don’t need babysitting. I need quality, knowledge and a good price.

Alex Armani photography www.armaniphoto.com 


Alex Armani, Owner





“I can’t say enough positive things about the way Henry and Protek Color Lab have taken our digital processing to new heights. The time they spent with me right from the beginning, to make sure they delivered on time, quality prints and albums. It was incredible.
I’ve dealt with a lot of labs in this industry and I can tell you how rare it is to find someone who cares as much as Henry and the staff at Protek does about getting it right and doing it well. They certainly under-promised and over-delivered in every way, particularly because they delivered a true ‘wow’ for us with our new albums, which have been very well received by some very discriminating clients.
I would give them my highest recommendation which means I’ll be using them for all my future processing and recommend them to everyone I know!”
Alex Neumann (Alex Neumann Photography)
Thanks again,




Since 1996 I have had the pleasure to do business with Henry at Protek Color Lab in Burbank, Calif. My background with the Eastman Kodak Company and Spectra Color labs mandated that I utilize a lab that had stringent standards on both color and density to please our clients. I have also been happy with the personalized service I receive from Henry and his staff. I would highly recommend Protek Color Lab to anyone seeking the very finest products available in the professional photography industry. In the event you need any additional information feel free to contact me at my Encino office 818-995-0077.
Gary West




I have gone thru many pro labs and no other lab has given me the quality that I have been getting from Protek. They have been around since the film days, and they provided all my film processing and printing needs. Today I use Canon 1Ds’s and the combination of my gear and their output is unparalleled. They have always been a vendor I can rely on, for quality, service and consistency.
Ray Eliott Photography